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Greetings parents and students!
Welcome to music!

Our curriculum promises to capture the creative instinct of each student. Students will learn what it takes to become successful in music theory, vocabulary, musical elements, concepts and principles. They will be introduced to the creative and expressive concept of “making music” which includes technology, singing, and playing a musical instrument. Students will also be introduced to music’s influence in different societies, cultures, and time periods. As a result, each student will possess the skills necessary to compare and contrast their personal work and the works of others. Most importantly; your child will learn the role of music and it's importance in the enrichment of the human spirit.

"Music is what feelings sound like." ~ Unknown


Haywood Neely is an award winning music educator and a proud graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Technology (1999) and a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting (2005). Mr. Neely is a fully certified educator with a standard certification in Music (Early childhood to 12th Grade) as required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and The Texas State Board for Education Certification (SBEC). Professional affiliations include the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA), The American Society of Composers Artists and Publishers (ASCAP) and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia music fraternity..

Awards: NAMM Best Communities for  Music Education Designee 2021, 2022

Contact Information:

Simms Elementary
529 N Westward St.
Texas City, TX 77591

Phone: (409) 908-5100 ext. 5136


The purpose of extracurricular choir is to designate highly committed students to performing during and possibly after school hours. This would include Holiday and Scheduled breaks. To participate, a strong commitment from both parent and student are required. Auditions will be conducted for each student wanting to participate. The following rubric shall be used to determine membership.



Quaver takes kids on an exciting journey through his imaginative music shop, inspiring them to discover and love music! With the help of a music laboratory, live recording studio, time-traveling phone box, and cast of hilarious characters, Quaver is an energetic teaching-assistant, helping teachers engage young people in the marvelous world of music like never before.

The man behind the Q:

Quaver Co-Founder Graham Hepburn doesn't just play Quaver, he embodies Quaver's energy and passion for making music seriously fun.

Hepburn has a passion for igniting a love of music in the hearts and minds of young kids. He served as an elementary music teacher in Illinois and his home country of England, is an accomplished musician, and is the heart and energetic force behind the Quaver character.

At Quaver's Nashville, TN headquarters, Hepburn now oversees the work of a vast team of creative professionals specializing in education, recording, video production, graphic design, and web design. Although he serves many roles, Graham hopes that he is seen foremost as "a friend and advocate of the teacher and parent."

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